Price list - per pound

(These cuts are normally in stock)

​Ground Beef - $6

T-Bone (Bone in) - $12

Porterhouse (Bone in) - $12

Sirloin Steak (Bone in) - $12

Rib Steak (Bone in) - $12

Round Steak (Boneless) - $8

Cube Steak (Boneless) - $8

Rump Roast - $8

Top or Bottom Round Roast - $8

Chuck Roast - $8

Stew Meat - $6

Liver, Heart, Tongue - $3

Soup Bones - $2.50

Current Offerings

As of 4/20/2020, we are taking orders for October delivery.  Please contact us if you are interested in ordering.  You can text or call 325-721-9968, and we will let you know what we have in stock.

We will also be taking orders for Spring 2021 delivery.  If you would like to make a reservation, please let us know, and we will take your order.

All Natural, Farm Raised Longhorn Beef

We have many options to purchase our beef.

Most of our customers start out with our variety box, which consists of 10 lbs ground beef, 5-6 lbs. roasts, and 4 lbs. steaks.  A total of 20 lbs of beef for $140.

Our beef is also available by the 1/4, 1/2, or whole.  Please call us for pricing and availability.

Lean, all natural ground beef.

Available in 1 lb. packages.


Discount on larger quantities available.

Longhorn Beef

Scroll to the bottom of this page for our current price list.

Our farm raised, all natural Longhorn beef is grass raised and grain finished without the use of antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.  We grow and make all of our own feed right here at the farm.  You will receive a tasty, lean, nutritious product at an affordable price.

Roasts are available in various sizes from either the front or hind quarter.  Average 2-3 lbs per roast.

$8-10/lb depending on cut.

Steaks are available in various cuts and package sizes.  Average steaks are 8 oz each in size, and are vacuum sealed 2 to a package.

$8-12/lb depending on cut.

Ordering Information

Contact us today at 330-420-8453 or 325-721-9968 to place your order.

We can arrange to meet you at many locations.

We can also ship any product to your doorstep.

Call us today for options.